A Survey of Christian Epistemology by Cornelius Van Til


by Cornelius Van Til

Vol. 2 of In Defense of the Faith/ Biblical Christianity.
Nutley, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed, 1969. 228 pp.
[1925.A, 1932.G, 1933.G, 1951.J]
*Not Under Copyright*

This second volume in the series, published under the auspices of the den Dulk Christian Foundation (Ripon, CA), is a published edition of Van Til’s systematic and historical treatment of epistemology, previously entitled “Metaphysics of Apologetics.” This is the final version of what was originally his master’s thesis at Princeton Theological Seminary [“Reformed Epistemology” 1925.A]. It surveys Greek, medieval, and modern epistemologies, and sets forth the principles of a Reformed Christian epistemology along with its implications for apologetics.

1.     Epistemological Terminology
Historical Survey
2.     Greek Epistemology—Its Starting Point
3.     Greek Epistemology—Its Climax (Plato)
4.     Mediaeval Epistemology—Its Starting Point (Augustine)
5.     Mediaeval Epistemology—Its Climax (Scholasticism)

Download the complete PDF here:

Van Til, A Survey Of Christian Epistemology

Click on the following link to read Chapter 15 from this work by Dr. Van Til:

Chapter 15: The Method of Christian Theistic Epistemology

Soli Deo Gloria!


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