Van Til: Defender of the Faith by William White

Author: White, William

ISBN: 840756704

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Publishers

Pages: 233

Binding: Paperback

Product Description:

“He has been praised, condemned, quoted, misquoted, represented, misrepresented, understood, misunderstood, loved, hated, explored, ignored.”

So writes William White, Jr., in the introduction to the authorized biography of the greatest apologist in American theology, Cornelius Van Til.

Van Til, former professor at both Princeton and Westminster seminaries, turned the field of apologetics upside down by de-emphasizing man’s rational faculty. “To employ the launching pad of the naked intellect instead of the launching pad of Scripture is to fight the Lord’s battle in Saul’s armor. All thinking must begin where the Bible does: ‘In the beginning, God…; otherwise all is chaos.”

White skillfully unfolds the story of Van Til’s early years in the Netherlands and later in Indiana, his mutual love for learning and farming, his marriage to Rena Klooster, and his call to the ministry, and eventually to the university. The author reveals Van Til’s personal side: his sense of humor, adventure, and uncompromising conviction.

White traces Van Til’s philosophic development with care. But always, there is the humanity and humility of the man, his love of Scripture. White points out that Van Til, like Luther is “bold before man, humble before God.”

I highly recommend White’s book to anyone interested in Van Til, especially his personal life.. Perhaps you are familiar with Van Til the Apologist, Van Til the Professor, Van Til the Theologian, Van Til the Preacher, in the pages of this book, you will become familiar with Van Til the man, and what an interesting portrait of his life this is! For example, did you know Van Til was married to his wife Renee for 53 years? Not so many people can say the same, considering how common divorce is in America, including professing Christians. He was not a perfect man, and did not have a perfect life. He went through struggles and disappointments like the rest of us, at the same time, it is amazing all that God did through him! This great biography of Van Til is out of print, but can be found through searching.

Van Til, defender of the faith: An authorized biography


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