Christian Theistic Ethics by Cornelius Van Til

Christian Theistic Ethics.
by Cornelius Van Til

Philadelphia: Reformed Episcopal Seminary, 1940.
Syllabus, 135 pp.
[1947.D; cf. 1929.F, 1933.H]


The first edition of the syllabus that became known by this title.


1.     The Material of Ethics
2.     The Scope of Christian Ethics
3.     The Epistemological Presupposition of Christian Ethics
4.     The Metaphysical Presupposition of Christian Ethics
5.     The Summum Bonum Ideally Considered: The Individual
6.     The Summum Bonum Ideally Considered: Society
7.     The Non-Christian Summum Bonum
8.     The Biblical Summum Bonum in General
9.     The Old Testament Summum Bonum
10.     The New Testament Summum Bonum
11.     The Standard of Man in Paradise
12.     The Redemptive Standard: Old Testament, New Testament


Download the complete PDF here:



Click on the following link to read Chapter 3 from this work by Dr. Van Til:



Soli Deo Gloria!

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