Why I Believe In God by Cornelius Van Til

Van Til, Why I Believe in God

The following is a link to reformed.org where I assume they have obtained permission to upload this pamphlet. I cannot offer it here as it is under copyright and I have not permission, but I can provide a link:

Why I Believe in God

This is a good example of a presuppositional apologetic put into practice, in the words of Van Til:

It ought to be pretty plain now what sort of God I believe in. It is God, the All-Conditioner. It is the God who created all things, Who by His providence conditioned my youth, making me believe in Him, and who in my later life by His grace still makes me want to believe in Him.”

I like his use of the phrase “All-Conditioner”, and though he is speaking of his personal experience and how God revealed Himself to him, his use of the term cannot and should not be confused with experientialism. Anyone familiar with Van Til’s writings, and reads him in context, knows his position is nowhere close to (Christian) experientialism.


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