The Ten Commandments by Cornelius Van Til

Just added “The Ten Commandments” by Cornelius Van Til to the download page. This writing is an unpublished manuscript originally dated 1933. To optimize use, I added a linked table of contents for easy navigation between sections. The only other edit is an inclusion of the subheading “Introduction–Presuppositions” because the manuscript lacked a subheading at the beginning and I thought the title goes well with the beginning of his syllabus.

This rare syllabus provides an exposition of the ethics of the decalogue before John Murray began teaching this course at WTS.

Table of Contents

  1. First Commandment—Religion
  2. Second Commandment—Worship
  3. Third Commandment—Revelation
  4. Fourth Commandment—Sabbath
  5. Fifth Commandment—Authority
  6. Sixth Commandment—Human Life
  7. Seventh Commandment—Purity
  8. Eighth Commandment—Property
  9. Ninth Commandment—Truth
  10. Tenth Commandment—Desire

Visit the download page and get a copy to read and print today, enjoy!

Soli Deo Gloria!