NEW Van Til PDF Added: Collection of Reviews From 1940 – 1949

Today I am adding a collection of 18 reviews from 1940-1949 by Cornelius Van Til. These include reviews of a book about the philosophy of John Dewey, the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead, a couple of books by Karl Barth, a book by Abraham Kuyper, and more. You might ask or wonder what the value of these old reviews of old books could possibly be. These reviews can serve as primary source examples to help us learn how to apply, how to put into practice and use  a presuppositional or Van Tillian approach for academic reviews and more generally, every area of life.

DOWNLOAD HERE:  Van Til, Collection of Reviews From 1940 – 1949

or go to the Van Til PDF page, where all of the PDF’s are located.