Logic: A God Centered Approach by Vern Poythress FREE PDF

Logic_Print_2I am excited to share this great news, “Logic: A God Centered Approach” by Vern Poythress is now available in it’s entirety for free download at: frame-poythress.org 

Thank you so much, Dr. Poythress and Crossway! This may be the only way I am able to read this title for some time.

Dear friends, please consider purchasing a hard copy if you can, and please share your thoughts, feedback is appreciated!


Host of Reformed Forum Jared Oliphint interviewed Dr. Poythress concerning his book Logic: A God-Centered Approach. To listen Go Here

Paul Copan’s Questioning of Presuppositionalism

Unfortunately, the Gospel Coalition posted the following article: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/03/12/questioning-presuppositionalism/.  Below we have a video of James White responding to the article by popular philosopher, apologist, and author Paul Copan.

FREE Greg Bahnsen PDF Books

 These have been available for some time, but since a goal of mine is to bring resources together under one roof, I am adding these to the Greg Bahnsen section.


Greg Bahnsen, By This Standard


Greg Bahnsen, No Other Standard


Greg Bahnsen, House Divided


Please note, I take no credit for making these available, the original source of these ebooks is: GaryNorth.com 

Bibliography of the Writings of Cornelius Van Til

Christianity Today Dec 1977
Christianity Today Dec 1977

The following PDF is a complete bibliography of the writings of Cornelius Van Til. The detailed document is an impressive 146 pages in length, and made possible thanks to the labors of Eric Bristley, part of the Logos Software Works of Van Til CD (Logos now sells the complete guide separately for a bloated price) . As extensive as this is, it is only part of the complete guide. The complete guide is copyrighted 1995 Eric D. Bristley, and contact information is Olive Tree Communications. I searched with google but could not find matching contact information. I will remove this PDF if this is a problem for the copyright holder, but the reason I am making it available here is because I believe quite a few visitors will find it useful for reference, especially considering a substantial portion of Van Til’s writings are increasingly difficult to find new or used, not to mention the collection of unpublished manuscripts. Also worth mentioning, many of the visitors of this blog live outside of the United States, not that it is difficult to find poverty stricken people suffering here in America.


DOWNLOAD PDF: Bibliography of the Writings of Cornelius Van Til