Bibliography of the Writings of Cornelius Van Til

Christianity Today Dec 1977
Christianity Today Dec 1977

The following PDF is a complete bibliography of the writings of Cornelius Van Til. The detailed document is an impressive 146 pages in length, and made possible thanks to the labors of Eric Bristley, part of the Logos Software Works of Van Til CD (Logos now sells the complete guide separately for a bloated price) . As extensive as this is, it is only part of the complete guide. The complete guide is copyrighted 1995 Eric D. Bristley, and contact information is Olive Tree Communications. I searched with google but could not find matching contact information. I will remove this PDF if this is a problem for the copyright holder, but the reason I am making it available here is because I believe quite a few visitors will find it useful for reference, especially considering a substantial portion of Van Til’s writings are increasingly difficult to find new or used, not to mention the collection of unpublished manuscripts. Also worth mentioning, many of the visitors of this blog live outside of the United States, not that it is difficult to find poverty stricken people suffering here in America.


DOWNLOAD PDF: Bibliography of the Writings of Cornelius Van Til



3 thoughts on “Bibliography of the Writings of Cornelius Van Til

    • Did you know, in his lecture “Thinking? Christian and the Life of the Mind” Scott Oliphint mentions reading the article by Van Til from the Dec 77′ Christianity Today pictured? He say’s “So I read this article and the thing that struck me…I didn’t understand everything I was reading..I didn’t understand most of what I was reading…but the thing that struck me about what he was saying was that Christianity was the only intellectually defensible position. That was radical. That wasn’t just Christian thinking. That was beyond anything I had heard before.” And he goes on about the impact the article had on him.

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