Presuppositionalist Joe Boot vs Dan Barker Debate

The following YouTube video features a relatively recent debate between Christian apologist Rev Joe Boot, an exceptional presuppositionalist (Van Tillian? I think so), and atheist Dan Barker. For those who may not know, Dan Barker claims to be an ex-Christian, an ex-minister even, a real apostate. Since his apostasy, Barker has participated in many debates against Christians (including James White). As an experienced debater, Barker has had many years to fine tune arguments in the field of rhetoric. Despite this, Rev Joe Boot leaves his subjectivist position found lacking, barren, and bankrupt. Watch for yourself as Rev Joe Boot TAG’s Barker!


Btw, who would have thought a presuppositionalist could come from or would have been part of RZIM? Strange world we live in.


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