An Update

Hey all, I have not forgotten about this blog. Life away from computers has kept me busy. While at the computer,  I have been working on other projects, like modules for theWord Bible Software. All of the works I have uploaded are in the public domain. With the exception of the Confessions, the original source for the modules is logos. These are especially dedicated those in Christ suffering financially (something I can relate to). So far I have uploaded:

The Works of David Clarkson (3 Vol) (Puritan) 1.0

The Works of John Howe (Puritan) 1.0

Confessions of the Reformed Faith 1.0

The Complete Works of Thomas Brooks (6 Vol) (Puritan) 1.0

The Works of Archibald Alexander (20 vol) 1.0

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century (5 vol) 1.0

The Life and Times of John Calvin (2 Vols) 1.0

The John Calvin Biography Collection I. (6 Vols) 1.0

And more on the way, including Calvin’s Institutes later tonight. I have many other works to share (if I have the time and motivation), and may see what I can do about getting a portion of Van Til’s works into a module for theWord. I believe it is possible to convert these into e-Sword modules (though I have not attempted to), and of course can be copied from within theWord and converted to other formats.


6 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I was wondering if you could recommend any books or materials that would be good to help teach high school students about Presupposional apologetics. I am planning on teaching apologetics to homeschool high school students this fall but don’t want to teach over their head. Anything would help.

    • Hi Eric, thank you for coming here for advise. I recommend a book by Richard L. Pratt: Every Thought Captive: A Study Manual for the Defense of Christian Truth. It was written for students and laypersons. Supplemental materials could include: the lecture “What is Presuppositional Apologetics?” by Scott Oliphint (a link is available in mp3 section), Michael Kruger’s first two lectures from his series on Defending the Faith, “Foundations: Concept and Biblical Warrant for Apologetics” and “Methodology: The Myth of Neutrality” would be helpful. Send them to this blog, in addition to the resources, many answers can be found and explored here. 🙂

  2. Dear Todd, thank you for the kind encouraging words. Lately I’ve not had time for much of anything other than looking after my four year old. I did briefly look over the article and a few other articles, but not with the attention they deserve. If I had the time, I might give detailed feedback, even if only privately (because of our differences). If you have not, you might read the about me under “blog author”. I spent years openly discussing, debating Christians and Non, first posting at CARM then over at Theologyweb, and then over at Christian Forums. For years I spent hours upon hours reading and responding to people (in hundreds if not thousands of posts), with research and learning in between. Often I used the forums as a means of motivation for personal research to encourage me to learn and grow in Christ, and I grew tremendously in knowledge over those years (especially debating atheists and agnostics). However, in the end, I became particularly disappointed and discouraged, and on top of that, life changes did not allow the proper time for online discussions. Some time after I stopped posting on forums, I learned from a fellow believer, that the Lord had used me to have a meaningful impact on at least a couple of people (one the fellow believer, another an agnostic). That news was very uplifting and encouraging and at a time when I really needed it. I find it encouraging that the Lord sends all kinds of people in the direction of this blog and other similar blogs and cannot help but think there is purpose in it, there is a rhyme and reason.

    • I would appreciate any feed back you offer, even if we find ourselves with different views of things. I trust that you would provide a well reasoned response.
      In Christ,

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