Another Update

Hello friends! I know it has been awhile, and I will try to be more involved with this blog.

I have some good news. I received permissions (with agreed upon conditions) to post articles by Van Til that were originally printed in a journal titled “The Banner”.  You can visit their website at: The Banner I am currently in the long process of posting individual Banner articles in the article section. Check it out!

Unfortunately though I have (albeit old) bad news. P&R Publishing is not so generous. As some of you may have noticed, I have removed most of the free PDF’s by Van Til. Even though my intentions were for the cause of Christ, I complied with their request, met demands. This interaction occurred about a year ago, and I must confess it upset me, greatly. Why? Not only for all the good those long out of print works could accomplish in the lives of other Christians, but for the time and effort put into them, and into this blog/site. I felt as though this blog were gutted out, like there is no point in even keeping it up, especially with so little hosted content remaining. After meeting the demands, I just left this blog alone, rather than take it all down. Now that I have had some time to lick my wounds (sorry), I will try to be more active.

P.S. – P&R Pub, if I have missed anything, just let me know and I will remove the offenses. Despite ginormous disappointment with the Rights & Permissions department.  I seriously doubt I am alone in this.


5 thoughts on “Another Update

    • Hello brother, I have posted several new articles and working on keeping them coming on a regular basis. I upload them as pages rather than posts. Sometime in the near future, I plan on contacting WTS for permissions to post Dr. Van Til’s articles from Westminster Theological Seminary Journal. Hopefully someday I will have more time for so many important things, including things related to this blog. Thank you for your continued support! Oh and Merry Christmas! Yours in Christ

      • Well, I contacted WTSJ (the same email contact for subscriptions to WTSJ) for permissions eleven days ago and as of yet they have not responded. I think this may have been my second attempt at contacting them. I have no idea why they would not provide a response of some sort, it does not make sense. Seems to me it would be in their best interest for blogs such as this to help popularize Van Til, which in turn can potentially boost admissions in their seminary. This is crazy, I’ve not made a dime from this blog, neither have the desire to, and it seems these Christian publishers are more concerned with copyrights and using them to potentially make more money than to make famous the only consistently Biblical method of defending the Christian faith. It really causes me to wonder what some of the Reformed folks at WTS really think about Van Til, it causes me to wonder if they side with Van Til’s critics, and could care less if the Van Tillian Apologetics falls off the face of the earth. It bothers me greatly, considering how God used Van Til, to rescue me from only God know what would have become of me.

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