Concerning the Debate on Apologetic Methodology

Hello friends,

Sorry I have been away for awhile, life is crazy like that sometimes. So I wanted anyone wondering what happened with the debate a few months ago to know why it ended prematurely. Well, not long after my last response in the debate, upon giving me a third warning the administration/mods at “Christian Forums” decided to give me a month ban/vacation. In all of my years of posting there it was the first time I had been banned, and interestingly enough almost all of my warnings came as a result of posting in the political areas from a conservative perspective. But far more than this temporary setback I learned the person I had been in debate with Mark Kennedy was deathly ill. When I learned about it, that his projected time on earth was so short, it was pressed on my mind to walk away from the debate, with the thought he had greater and more important things to do than debate on the internet with someone he did not know personally. Another brother posted this Sept 29: “Mark Kennedy passed away earlier this month after a short battle with stage 4 Melanoma. It came on fast. He checked in to hospice care on 29 August. Please keep his family in your prayers.” Mark Kennedy home with the Lord

My dear readers please pray for his family as they deal with their loss.

Yours in the Lord