Tell it on the MountainAre you prepared for something intellectually stimulating and soul stirring? This blog is dedicated to Christian Apologetics, more specifically Reformed Apologetics, primarily the apologetical methodology of the “father of presuppositionalism”, the late (1987) Dr. Cornelius Van Til, and his students, the late (1995) Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen, and Dr. John M. Frame. Other “Van Tillians” of interest include but not limited to: James Anderson, William Edgar, Scott Oliphint, James White, and Richard Pratt. This blog features a collection of writings written by Dr. Van Til in Adobe PDF format. This blog also features media, which primarily consists of direct links to mp3 audio lectures from across the web by a number of different Van Tillians. This blog also features extensive quotes on different cherry picked subjects, and answers to common objections. Are you blown away or what? Either way, may God richly bless you through this little blog which exists for promoting the glory of God alone!

3 thoughts on “Purpose

    • My internet skills also fell short of finding him. I attempted to find contact information before I created this blog, a Facebook search also produces no lead. Without Eric’s work, this blog wouldn’t exist! That is one reason why his name is at the end of each e-book/PDF. Eric wrote a wonderful article for OPC Horizons magazine entitled “Van Til Made Me Reformed”:

  1. Thank you for your website. Several years ago I engaged the Georgia Dept of Education about the teaching of Evolution. I had so much to learn and I thought I understood how to confront evolutionary thinking. It took me about 5 years to get a grasp of what I was up against. The book, The Ultimate Proof of Creation by Jason Lisle was key for me. This book led me to Greg Bahnsen which later led me to Van Til. I still think Bahnsen and his lectures are more easily understood but I need to study more of Van Til. Thank you for the pdf documents. Best to you.

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