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Name: Calvinist4Life

Age: Over Four Decades

Height: Greater than Elijah Wood nearer to Orlando Bloom

Weight: Less than Hulk Hogan more than Randy Savage

Location: Central Time Zone United States

Education: K-12 Public School, Two years as a part-time student at a local Presbyterian based general college. I dropped out two decades ago for several reasons.

Religion: Christianity: Protestant, Reformed, Calvinist

Theology: Conservative, Orthodox, WCF

Politics: Moderate Conservative

Science: God centered YEC > OEC

History: God centered redemptive

Art: Liberal, beauty is in the eye of the beholder etc.

Favorite Movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the original Star Wars Trilogy

Favorite Musician artist: Lecrae or Trip Lee

Favorite Musicians band: Foreigner or Eagles

Favorite Painting artist: Alex Ross

Favorite Pencilers/inkers: Ivan Reis, Jason Fabok, Ed Benes, Jim Lee, George Perez, John Byrne….all right this is too difficult to answer.

Favorite Book: The Bible (of course)

Favorite Book (outside of the Bible): Faith Has Its Reasons by Kenneth Boa & Robert Bowman

Halfway sorry about the generalities but I prefer something between privacy and transparency in this day and digital age. If you’ve read this far, thank you for taking the time! Perhaps we have a few things in common?

17 thoughts on “Blog Author

  1. I have only just come across your site. Thank you so much for the hard work you have put into sorting out the legalities of Van Til’s works, with P&R, and then scanning so many of them and making them available.

    I was at the start of scanning A Survey of Christian Epistemology, thinking that I might check whether the CD containing Van Til’s works might be offered by someone at a reasonable price, and I came across a link to your site.

    Van Til is so important. I completed a PhD in Austrian economics, using Van Til’s position as the base from which to critique the Austrians’ position. If you know anything about economics, you will know that they are, at least from Mises’s point of view, rationalists. They begin with presuppositional truths, so-called, and then argue for economic propositions. Even though mainstream economics pretend they are empirical and only deal with facts, though no one is purely empirical and treats only “facts”, one only has to look at the present state of statist intervention in the US and Europe to witness how atrocious is modern economics and policy.

    Anyway, I look forward to coming back to your site and benefitting from your hard work. The key with Van Til, I figure, is to make it palatable for the average Christian and non-Christian and, as an evangelistic tool, make each party epistemologically self conscious.

    Troy Lynch
    Melbourne, Australia

    • Thank you Troy for visiting the site and taking the time to make a few comments. I imagine you’ve heard of him, but Van Tillian Gary North is a widely published noteworthy author with an emphasis on Biblical economics. Here is a link to his site: just in case you’ve not heard of him, and here is a link to many of his books which he makes available for free: I doubt he is the first, but he is the only person I’ve known to write and publish economic commentaries based on books of the Bible. One of the difficulties of dealing with economics and the Scriptures, is the absolute necessity of keeping separate the Gospel from economics, so that we do not fall into the comfortable trap of presupposing a “health and wealth” gospel that so many people stumble into. This reminds me, I need to get around to reading Wayne Grudem’s “Business for the Glory of God” little book.

  2. I have just downloaded each book of Van Tin’s on your website except for those which I already possessed.

    I feel it is imperative that I should express my deep gratitude for the laborious process of posting the works of Cornelius Van Til. Your generosity is breathtaking indeed.

    Despite the fact that it is sometimes rather difficult for me to comprehend Van Til, given my minimal knowledge about philosophy acquired during the 12th grade (I graduated from high school in May), it is an outstanding pleasure to read the marvelous books of a truly Christian philosopher, whose presuppositions are thoroughly biblical and from whom I attempt to learn as much as my current understanding will allow. I pray to God that He magnify my comprehension in order that I will continue to grow as a Christian.

    I will begin studying psychology in October at college and, needless to say, psychology today is deeply infected with anti-theistic thought. Van Til is definitely going to be a huge support for me against all this anti-theism, God willing.

    Thank you a lot for having posted a wide range of Van Til’s books. I look forward to additional books supposing, of course, there are still others to be added.

    God bless!

  3. I’m looking for a copy of this item listed in your Van Til bibliography:

    “Common Grace.” In Proceedings of the Calvinistic Philosophy Club, edited by Edward Heerema. Autumn, 1941.

    I’m aware that there were later published versions, but I’m looking explicitly for this. If you happen to have it, could you please email me:



  4. I enjoyed reading your testimony. I am new to word press, and have been posting my theological writings since January. I am open to any suggestions that may advance God’s work. God bless.

  5. Hello,
    I’m hoping you can help me. I noticed recently that Robin Barrett published an analytic defense of Van Til. In that defense a work of Van Til’s was cited entitled, “Toward a Reformed Apologetic.” It was listed as a PDF. Is this the 20+ page pamphlet or his unpublished (presumably lost) 170+ page manuscript? I attempted to access what was listed in the essay via the hyperlink, but I was unable.

    I’m currently doing my PhD on Van Til and have been trying to track down that manuscript since John Vander Stedlt sent me his personal notes on that work. Van Til had allowed him to read the unpublished manuscript. Unfortunately, Dr. Vander Stedlt did not retain a copy of Dr. Van Til’s work.

    If it is that unpublished manuscript, is there any way you could provide a functional link or even a copy of that work? I can’t tell you how helpful that would be. I already have the complete corpus of Van Til’s work, save this one unpublished work.

    Thank you for your time and efforts.

  6. I’m currently entering our small collection of CVT syllabuses into an OPAC for the PCA Historical Center, and have come across your very helpful bibliography. Thank you for your work on this.

    At this entry:

    Christian Apologetics.
    [cf. 1939.H]
    Listed in Jerusalem and Athens bibliography, but we have not located a copy.

    I may have a copy (and presume so) among the R. Laird Harris Manuscript Collection. Harris was a student at Westminster, 1935-1937, earning both his Th.B. and Th.M. there. The title page gives this designation:

    C. VanTil.

    This copy is bound with Christian Theistic Evidences. If you would care to have a digital copy, I think I can arrange that without damage to the original.

    • Hi Wayne, here is a link to apologetics:

      Click to access van-til-apologetics.pdf

      I post it here because not many will look here, please do not share elsewhere, it is copyrighted P&R, and (to my surprise) some time ago a P&R representative contacted me through this blog and expressed a complete lack of support for this blog. For the titles in print on the PDF page I added links directly to the P&R books. Most of the PDF’s uploaded consists of either articles, unpublished manuscripts, or pamphlets/tracts. For available books I could be mistaken but think Den Dulk Foundation titles are safe here. For publishers this is almost entirely about safeguarding any potential future cash (business). I have tried to obtain as many permissions as possible, managed to obtain permissions from a couple of journals, others like Westminster Theological Journal made their entire past archives freely available to the public online. So I try to walk a fine line to keep this blog alive, because during a period of personal darkness this author Dr. Van Til played such an important role to helping me remain in the faith. I do not know if I would have remained a Christian (or became a Calvinist later Reformed) were it not for Dr. Van Til. It is entirely possible I would have lived the rest of my life from that point in time in doubt, lived as a bitter skeptic and reviled people living by simple faith with puffed up intellectual pride and arrogance. Praise be to God this did not become the case and he showed me the way to certainty of faith through his chosen peoples like Dr. Van Til and Dr. Bahnsen.

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