Van Til Articles

This is the section where you will find articles written exclusively by Dr. Van Til.

The following is a list (with links to select articles) of articles (books and pamphlets listed here):

1922.     Editorials in Calvin College Chimes, 1921–1922.
1930.     WTS.
1930.     The Education of Man – A Divinely Ordained Need.
1931.     Our Attitude Toward Evolution.
1931.     The Full-Orbed Life.
1932.     What Do You Mean?
1932.     For What Are We Contending?
1932.     Reformed Religion Dynamic.
1932.     Antitheses in Education.
1932.     Note on Modernism
1933.     A New Princeton Apologetic.
1933.     Who Are You?
1933.     Facing the Problem.
1933.     Faith and Our Program.
1934.     E. Stanley Jones.
1934.     The Theology of Dr. Mackenzie, A Rejoinder by Dr. Van Til.
1934.     Foreword -> E. J. Young, Study Your Bible.
1935.     De Buitenlandse Zendingskwestie.
1935.     De ’General Assembly. ’
1935.     Afscheiding in 1936?
1935.     Karl Barth en Christelijke Eenheid.
1936.     Een Methodist wordt Barthiaansch.
1936.     Van ’Arminiaansch-’ tot ’Barthiaansch-Gereformeerde. ’
1936.     Vrede en Vooruitgang.
1936.     Reformatorische Polemiek.
1936.     The Presbyterian Church of America.
1936.     Leergeschillen.
1936.     De Algemeene Synode.
1937.     Karl Barth and Historic Christianity
1937.     Recent American Philosophy.
1937.     A Society for Calvinistic Philosophy.
1937.     Do Scientists Today Believe in God?
1937.     J. Gresham Machen, 1881–1937.
1937.     De ’Preaching Mission. ’
1937.     Fundamentalisme.
1937.     De Derde Algemeene Synode.
1937.     Kuyper en Amerika.
1938.     Barth te Princeton.
1938.     Emil Brunner en Otto Piper.
1938.     Protest Tegen Brunner’s Komst te Princeton.
1938.     Algemeene Synodes.
1938.     De Sprekende Slang.
1938.     A Christian Sanitarium.
1939.     Christian Belief.
1939.     Plato.
1939.     Arminianisme in de Logica.
1939.     Homrighausen Approved.
1939.     De Orthodox Presbyterian Church.
1939.     De ’American Association of Theological Schools. ’
1940.     Facts.
1940.     Princeton’s President.
1940.     F. J. M. Potgieter, De Verhouding Tussen die Teologie en die Filosofie by Calvyn.
1941.    Christian School: Bomb Shelter and Armory of the Faith.
1941.     Common Grace.
1942.     Kant or Christ?
1942.     Foreword
1944.     The Search for Unity in Experience.
1945.     Common Grace.
1946.     John Calvin and John Dewey.
1946.     Epistemology in Relation to Science.
1946.     Common Grace.
1947.     We Are Not Ashamed of Calvinism!
1948.     Calvinism and Art.
1948.     Introduction. to B. B. Warfield, Inspiration and Authority of the Bible.
1948.     Road Signs.
1950.     The Value of a Knowledge of the Dutch Language for
1950.     Reading, Hearing, and Keeping the Word of God.
1951.     Professor Vollenhoven’s Significance for Reformed Apologetics.
1951.     Common Grace.
1952.     The Old Man and the Sea.
1952.     Calvinism and Rationalism.
1952.     Of Jesus and the Resurrection.
1953.     A More Excellent Ministry.
1953.     The Education of Man- A Divinely Ordained Need.
1953.     Faith and Our Program.
1953.     The Full-Orbed Life.
1953.     Antitheses in Education.
1953.     Christianity and Crisis Theology
1954.     Has Karl Barth Become Orthodox?
1954.     General and Special Revelation.
1954.     Has Karl Barth Become Orthodox?
1955.     Where Do We Go From Here in Theology?
1955.     Calvinism.
1955.     Common Grace.
1955.     Corruption.
1955.     Covenant Theology.
1955.     Augustine
1956.     The Person of Christ.
1956.     The Authority of Scripture. . .
1956.     Reply to James Daane on the Free Offer and Common Grace.
1956.     Common Grace and Witness-Bearing.
1959.     What About Karl Barth?
1959.     What of the New Barth?
1959.     Umdeutung.
1959.     The Christian Scholar.
1959.     Modern Theology and Missions.
1959.     Theology Today, The Christian Scholar, Mackay and Princeton.
1960.     Karl Barth on Chalcedon.
1960.     Calvinism.
1960.     Common Grace.
1961.     Bavinck the Theologian.
1961.     Questions on Barth’s Theology.
1961.     Westminster Professor Replies to Criticism of His Theological Views.
1962.     Original Sin, Imputation, and Inability.
1962.     The Joy of the Ministry.
1964.     The Later Heidegger and Theology.
1964.     Barth, Karl.
1964.     Absolute Idealism.
1964.     Analogia entis.
1966.     Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
1966.     Orthodox Protestantism.
1966.     As I Think of Bavinck.
1966.     How Do We Reach Our Modern World?
1968.     Bridgewater Treatises.
1968.     Butler, Joseph.
1968.     The Significance of Dort for Today.
1969.     Training the Lord’s Cadets.
1971.     Richard Kroner on Herman Dooyeweerd.
1971.     Letter to Pearl S. Buck.
1972.     Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
1973.     Confessing Jesus Christ.
1974.     The Umkehr at Amsterdam.
1974.     Funeral Message for Dr. O. T. Allis.
1974.     The Doctrine of Creation and Christian Apologetics.
1974.     Defends Dooyeweerd. A Complaint.
1975.     Westminster Divine Notes Editorial Weaknesses
1975.     Herman Wiersinga on the Atonement.
1975.     A Prayer of Praise and Petititon.
1975.     Holy Spirit.
1976.     Scripture and Reformed Apologetics.
1976.     Calvin the Controversialist.
1976.     Foreword. to Jim Halsey, For a Time Such As This.
1976.     More Catechism Needed.
1976.     J. Oliver Buswell Jr. — Valiant for Truth.
1977.     At the Beginning God; An Interview with Cornelius Van Til.
1977.     Herman Dooyeweerd: A Personal Tribute.
1977.     Bill Bright is not Right.
1977.     Professor marks editorials.
1978.     Interview with Professor C. Van Til by Dr. Jakob Van Bruggen.
1978.     The Bible: Summum Bonum of Christian Ethics.
1979.     “The Purpose of a Christian School is . . . That Mankind Might Do Everything to God’s Glory.”
1979.     Outline of the Van Til Apologetic.
1982.     What I Believe Today.

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