Which Van Tillian have you found most helpful?

I thought this might be an interesting poll because Van Til influenced so many people, including the somewhat well known (at least in the “apologetics community”) Christian apologists (all with their own published works) in this poll.

I voted for Greg Bahnsen because the many lectures I purchased and listened to years ago helped me to better understand more than anything. In fact, I would recommend listening to Greg Bahnsen’s explanation of the Van Tillian apologetic, before reading Van Til. Although, I listened (in amazement) to a few of Dr. Van Til’s old recordings before listening to Dr. Bahnsen, it is because I listened to Dr. Van Til, that I wanted to better understand him, and heeded someone’s recommendation to learn from Dr. Bahnsen. I ended up spending a small fortune on old recordings (mostly poor quality) of Dr. Bahnsen’s lectures and sermons, and despite the lackluster quality of the recordings, I do not regret buying them for one second (though would have helped if they were cheaper). Anyway, enough about me, let’s hear about you!