John Frame / Michael Martin Online Debate over TANG

The John Frame / Michael Martin online debate over TAG / TANG goes back to 1996. The copyright holder is John Frame, and the Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics site hosted the debate (so far as I know or can perceive). For those whom it may concern, this is an effort to remind and preserve these valuable interactions and papers from falling into the abyss of obscurity, I am re-posting, evangelizing them to a broader audience, with the glory of God in mind.

To give readers a quick overview I will quote the layout on the host site:


Martin/Frame Online Debate over TANG

  • (Exchange #1)
    • The Transcendental Argument for the Non Existence of God (1996) (Offsite)
      By: Michael Martin
      This is Martin’s article in which attempts to reverse the claims of the transcendental argument given by Reformed apologists. The Transcendental Argument for the Existence of God demonstrates God’s existence by showing that knowledge itself would be impossible if the Christian God did not exist. Martin sees this claim as reversible and provides herein an article to that effect.
    • A Brief Response to Michael Martin’s Transcendental Argument for the Non-Existence of God
      By: John M. Frame
  • (Exchange #2)
    • A Response to John Frame’s Rebuttal of The Transcendental Argument for the Non Existence of God (TANG) (Offsite)
      By: Michael Martin
    • A Second Response to Martin
      By: John M. Frame
  • (Exchange #3)
    • Response to Frame’s Response (Offsite)
      By: Michael Martin
    • A Third Response to Martin 
      By: John M. Frame
  • (Exchange #4)
    • A Third Response to Frame
      By: Michael Martin
    • Frame’s Final Response
      By: John M. Frame
  • (Final Remarks)
    • Martin Closes (Offsite)
      By: Michael Martin
      By mutual agreement, Martin has been given the closing word.


People interested in this debate can go to the source here: Michael Martin – John Frame Online Debate over TANG