Psychology Of Religion by Cornelius Van Til

Psychology Of Religion
by Cornelius Van Til

Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. 1971
Volume 4 of the series In Defense of Biblical Christianity


1. Introduction: The Religious Consciousness
2. Method
3. Method (continued)
4. Method (continued)
5. General Psychology and the Psychology of Religion
6. The Nature of Religion: Objections to the Traditional View
7. Religion as the Joyful Submission to the Inevitable
8. Religion and Objective Redemption—Miracle
9. Religion and Redemption—Revelation
10. Religion and Subjective Redemption—Regeneration and Conversion


General Introduction from this work:”The studies presented in this series are written with a view to the defense of the doctrine of the free grace of God through Christ as he testifies of himself in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. They are written from the point of view of one who believes the Reformed Faith to be the most truly biblical expression of the Christian Faith. They are written from the point of view of one who believes that a world that lies in darkness needs, therefore, to hear about the Reformed Faith.

Moreover, if the world needs to hear the Reformed Faith, the statement of this Faith must be true to the historic Reformed creeds. The Reformed Faith, to be heard, must, therefore, be set over against neo-orthodoxy.

These studies are merely student syllabi; they are not to be regarded as published books. These studies are produced under the auspices of the den Dulk Christian Foundation of Ripon, California.”