The Atheist Illusion

Hello readers, a couple of days ago my attention was brought to several videos produced by Christ Presbyterian Church of Magna, Utah, a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church ( I have previewed this video titled “The Atheist Illusion” and can recommend this to all adults (at least PG-13) with mature minds. This wonderful video is filled with references to source materials which provides a historical context for the situation today and context to various views of the new prophets of atheism. True to the presuppositional approach, the atheistic worldview and it’s proponents are condemned in their own words and by the words from the legacy of heroes patterned before them.



From watching this insightful high quality video I have put together a small selection of public domain resources.


Resources for further academic research:

Origin of Species, Charles Darwin (The Descent of Man Chapter VI p.156)

Hereditary Genius, Francis Galton (Prefatory Chapter x)

A Civic Biology (Evolution p.196)

Margaret Sanger (Founder of Planned Parenthood)

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (p. 239)

Inside the Third Reich (p.96)

Hitler’s Table Talk (search “Christianity”)


“and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:32


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